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Teletherapy simply means the client and therapist are in separate locations (remote) connected by telephone or video. So all you need to do a session is a good phone connection or internet service and a private space for yourself. Video sessions can be done on a smartphone, tablet or computer. We use Google Meet, which is a HIPAA compliant videoconferencing platform. It is as simple as clicking a link from an email sent by your therapist to connect for the session and provides consistent video and audio connection. If for some reason, video does not work, then a phone session could be used. Sessions are not recorded or stored on the server or any computer in our possession. 

Preparing For Your Video Session:

  • Find a quiet and private place where you will not be interrupted

  • Make sure your browser is up to date and close any other programs or apps that may be using internet, speakers or microphone.

  • Using headphones or earbuds is recommended both for privacy and better audio.

  • It is best to use a laptop or desktop computer to conduct your session as phone-based web browsers tend to drop video calls on occasion. 

  • For EMDR sessions, it is best to have a full-sized screen and wear headphones.

A video session is preferred, but if the video does not work or you do not have access, your therapist can also conduct a session via phone as our phone lines are all HIPAA compliant. 

Couple and Family Teletherapy Sessions

Yes, video sessions work with groups. Our HIPAA compliant videoconferencing platform can accommodate several people in different locations. If everyone in the group is in the same location or room it is best to connect with only one device with each person showing on the screen. When participants are not in the same location, each can connect to the session on their device and will be joined on one screen.  

Insurance and Teletherapy

If you plan to submit your therapy bills to your insurance, please note that all major insurance providers in California have agreed to authorize teletherapy during this period. However, in the rare case that your insurance plan does not cover teletherapy services, you will ultimately be financially responsible for your session fees.

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